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Tanning Ban Leaves Salon Owners and Teens Feeling Burned

Jennifer Lee, Texas Tanz Owner Jennifer Lee, Texas Tanz Owner
Becca Pinkston Becca Pinkston

A proposed bill outlawing teen tanning is not getting a warm reaction from local teens and tanning salon owners.

Teens need a doctor's note to miss school, and now several Texas lawmakers think they should need one to use tanning beds too...they say it's to protect kids from harmful UV rays. Texas Tanz in Amarillo is flooded with teenage tanners. Owner Jennifer Lee says she gets a lot of business from teens. "Those who are 18 and under, probably 50%". Many of them have been regulars for several years. "Probably since I was an eighth grader, so probably like six years maybe, so for quite a while... Probably for like the last year or two. About every other day. " Lee says she keeps a close eye on her teenage customers. "We check IDs. We don't let anybody that's too young tan. We make sure that they are 16 to 18 with a parent in the car." But if Texas becomes the 30th state to pass a teen tanning ban, she'll have to check for doctor's notes too.

"We're not too excited about it." Tanner Micah Cline says, "I think it's dumb. There's not a point. If your parents say it's okay then it's your parent. They should know." Texas Tanz employee and tanner Becca Pinkston says, "The legislation might be a little too strict, especially for people who just want to tan once a year before they go on a vacation or before a dance or something." A tanning ban means the faces behind the counter at Texas Tanz be could be changing too. "At least 70% of our employees are under the age of 18. If they pass the law I won't be able to hire them because I won't be able to take the risk of them tanning without me knowing," says Lee. We spoke with several dermatologists who are all heavily supporting this bill.

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