Borger Vamps Emergency Technology

Earlier this week, people in Borger received a call from 911. The call came from the emergency operations center (EOC) in Borger warning people in the area of a grass fire nearby.

This operation is known as Code Red and it is one of the latest upgrades to Hutchinson County's emergency response system.

"Code Red, we got it as a result of the 2006 wildfires as a better method to warn people," said Danny Richards, Hutchinson County Emergency Management Coordinator.

Those fires also fueled a bond worth nearly $700,000 to help fund other emergency communications.

Those include nine more high resolution sky cameras and new technology inside public safety vehicles, like police cars and fire trucks. The cameras inside those vehicles, powered by Motorola Mesh technology, let emergency officials at the EOC see what is going on in real time.

"To get a better idea of what the emergency is to better warn the public," Richards added.

They can also show you the emergency on live television.

"So they can see and hear what is going on," Richards said. "Because we also have a commitment to make sure that the public knows what is going on unfiltered, uncensored, and as quickly as possible."

The code red system will call all land lines in Hutchinson county. But if you want to receive a call on your cell phone click here to register your number with the system.

Correction to original story: "reverse 911" was originally referenced in this story as generic term by mistake.  "REVERSE 911 ® is a registered trademark of Plant Equipment Inc., dba PlantCML®.