Local Pizza Hut to deliver beer as well as pizza

Dennie Carlton, TABC
Dennie Carlton, TABC

A new option for some Pizza Hut customers will be monitored closely by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

In these days of a questionable economy entrepreneurs will look for ways to increase the bottom line.

One local franchise hopes some folks will opt to drink outside the box.

The Wingstreet Pizza Hut at Hillside and Coulter has begun a test delivery service that will include beer.

The delivery test will only occur in a small trade area, but some customers will be able to have beer delivered to their home with their pizza.

TABC officials say the person delivering the beer and the retailer will be responsible for ensuring that minors will not be able to make a purchase.

"You know we do minor stings in the city and this, we could do that on this to verify that they're compliant. Other than that we'll have to monitor it to see if there's any complaints," says Dennie Carlton of the TABC.

TABC officials also say the person delivering the beer must be over 18.

The retailer must also adhere to the time constraints indicated on the permit and must not deliver in dry areas.