United Way Donations: Final Numbers

Emotions range from relief to anger among local non-profits, after finding out how much money they will receive from The United Way.

One organization finds out its not receiving any money at all. The doors at Goodwill in Amarillo are locked for the night, but they will re-open again in the morning.

Directors say that will continue to happen, despite the fact that they are not receiving any funding from The United Way this year.

After receiving $200,000 last year, Goodwill was unable to prove to The United Way that they deserve the funds this year. Frankie Francel, The United Way Executive Director says, "They do a rating sheet which looks at how necessary the program is to the community, whether it's duplicated, what the waiting list is, how many people it's able to help with the cost per person."

As for why they didn't make the cut, a director we spoke with says that he can't make a comment, except for that the entire local organization is being re-vamped.

The United Way is working closely with Goodwill in that effort and will re-consider allocating funds.

While Goodwill is the only organization to see it's funding cut completely, others are seeing much smaller decreases, and some are not seeing any at all.

The Maverick Boys and Girls Club is receiving close to $180,000, and Director Terry Smith says "That's actually more money than we received last year. "

And that's the best news the kids who go there have heard all day "It's really important to me." "We don't have nowhere else to go."

All in all, The United Way is allocating $2.5 million dollars to 41 area organizations. More than 6,500 people are expected to be helped through those efforts.