Conficker Virus

Ray Wilson, Cat-Man-Du
Ray Wilson, Cat-Man-Du
Steven Barker, Westgate Computers
Steven Barker, Westgate Computers

A computer virus with infinite possibilities is expected to detonate tomorrow.

And as many as 12 million computers could be infected.

It's called conficker, and it's becoming known as the April fools virus.

Experts are concerned because nobody knows what the virus, or worm, will do when the clock strikes midnight.

The phones have been ringing off the hook at computer stores today, with people asking about conficker.

"The people that it will affect are the people that don't update their Microsoft products. XP, vista, that sort of thing," said Ray Wilson with Cat-Man-Du computer company.

The conficker worm right now is resting dormant in millions of computers.

It spreads through social networking sites and downloads itself onto PC's.

But experts say if you keep your computer current, it is as safe as possible.

"Just keep your anti-virus fully up to date, keep your windows fully up to date. Be careful what you click on and what you download then you might be okay," said Steven Barker, a service manager with Westgate Computers.

"The bad guys are banking that most people aren't going to care. They're not going to do anything or they're not going to update their software or their anti-virus," said Wilson.

If you don't do anything to update your computer, and you do have the virus, your finances are most likely in jeopardy.

"They're getting your bank info. They're getting your credit card information, your contacts out of your email. They're doing all sorts of things with the ultimate goal being that it's going to funnel money back to the creators," said Wilson.

Microsoft is so concerned with conficker, there's a quarter million dollar bounty out for the creator.

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