Various roads around Amarillo will have change in speed limits

By a unanimous vote the Amarillo City Commission has approved modifying speed limit changes on various city roads.

Because some roads at the outskirts of the city were annexed this past year,...speed limit changes have been approved.

Last month the Amarillo Traffic Commission voted unanimously to recommend the changes and today the City Commission approved all modifications.

Folks should be aware, driving along intersections such as this one at Hastings and Smelter Road that speed limit changes will soon be in place.

Changes in Speed Limit:

Location                 From                          To                  MPH

Western St.            Hester Dr.                  N. City Limit     60

Western St.            N.W. 10 Ave.              Hester Dr.       55

Broadway Dr.          N.W. 24th Ave.          N. City Limit     55

Hastings Ave.          Western St.              Broadway Dr.   45

Smelter Rd.              N.W. 15th Ave.         Hastings Ave.  45

Farmers Ln.             S. Western St.          1260 ft. E. of    55

Farmers Ln               S. Georgia St.          E. City Limit        55