Man with gun still on the loose

Four men sit in jail this afternoon for their suspected involvement with an armed man in the 1300 block of North Lincoln in Amarillo.

Amarillo police tells us 18 year old Victor Alonzo Guzman ran from officers when they arrived at the scene.

They captured him and charged him with evading arrest.

They arrested the other three on public intoxication charges.

A fifth man remains on the loose.

The unidentified 27 year old hispanic suspect allegedly threatened people in the area with a gun.

He last had on a torn tee shirt, jean shorts and glasses.

If you have any information you can call Amarillo CrimeStoppers st 374-4400.

Police Report:

DETAILS: Officers were sent to 1300 N. Lincoln on a fight involving several subjects.  The caller reported that one person involved had a knife, and later reported that one had a handgun.  Responding officers found that a HM 27 known to the victims came to the home and got into a physical altercation that eventually involved, to some degree, five people in the home.  They were involved as victims of the assault or became involved when trying to break up the event.  The suspect then left the home and yelled to the occupants of a vehicle parked out in front of the home, evidently the vehicle he had driven to the home.  At least one witness said that one occupant of the car then stepped out with a handgun but got back into the car.  The HM suspect then took two weight plates from beside the house and threw them through the back window of one car and windshield of another car belonging to people at the home before leaving in the tan Chevrolet Malibu in which he arrived.

While officers were interviewing witnesses, the suspect vehicle returned, driving down the alley behind the home.  Officers tried to stop the vehicle at gunpoint, but the driver drove off.  The officers got into their cars to stop the suspects.  Residents in the area assisted by pointing toward the fleeing suspects.  Officers immediately found two of the vehicle's occupants near Don and Lincoln.  Both surrendered to officers. Another officer located and arrested a third suspect in the alley of the 1100 block of N. Lincoln. Officers chased the fourth occupant from the 600 block of NE 11th to 1009 N. Grant. That suspect, Victor Alonso Guzman HM 18, was later booked for evading arrest or detention. The first three suspects were booked into city jail for public intoxication.

Officers at the scene could not find the gun in the vehicle or in possession of any of the suspects.  While they were making the arrests, the original suspect called a resident at 1300 N. Lincoln and made direct threats to "come back and finish what he started."  He made multiple threatening calls to the home on Lincoln.  He also told the victims on Lincoln that he was in the area, watching the officers search.  Due to the multiple death threats, the man's presence in the area, and the possibility that the man was armed, officers set a perimeter and searched for the man.  He was not located.  The suspect vehicle was impounded where it was found abandoned in the 600 block of Don Drive.  The suspect, a HM 27, has not been arrested at this time.  No serious injuries were reported.