Farmers and Ranchers Recover from the Blizzard

Justin Dauer, Carson County Farm Bureau President
Justin Dauer, Carson County Farm Bureau President

One of the areas biggest industries is still working to recover from Friday's blizzard.

It's been a particularly hard three days in the Oklahoma Panhandle.

"There's a lot of our ranchers out today looking for cattle. Baby calves, we had some loss, had a few older cows lost."

Farther south, many farmers and ranchers are assessing how they faired.

"It was hard on the livestock but I think the moisture over all was a benefit," said Justin Dauer, the Carson County Farm Bureau President.

Many farmers are looking at how their soil is holding that moisture.

Above ground, many are checking to see if the cold temperatures hurt their crops.

"What we're concerned about is freezing that growing point or really the immature head.," said AgriLIFE Extension Agronomist Dr. Brent Bean.

It will still be a few days before the wheat really shows if it's damaged.

But despite some issues, everyone is thankful for precipitation.

"A hale storm would have been a blessing as dry as we've been. I think overall it benefited my operation and probably most of the guys in my area," said Dauer.

"In Cimarron county especially, everyone is happy to see any type of moisture," said Vaughan. "We're extatic to see moisture. It's nice to see a little bit of mud."

All experts are looking toward next Mondays crop report before a final judgement is made on if this blizzard was good or bad.