Should Liquor Be Sold on Sundays?

Several Texas groups are hoping repealing the Blue Law will help the state see green. There is talk in the Texas legislature about the possibility of buying liquor on Sundays and one legislator says it will help the state of Texas.

The Blue Law dates back to Prohibition... It makes selling hard liquor on Sundays illegal. But, because it's more than 75 years old, one Texas legislator says it no longer makes sense for today's world, and he's proposed a bill to change it. Walk into any local liquor store Monday through Saturday and you'll hear a whole lot of cash registers and paper bags crunching. The big question is... should you be able to hear that on Sundays too? We asked the folks who are the ones buying it. "I just think it should be the person's option to get it on any day of the week. Would you buy it if it were sold on Sundays? Absolutely, absolutely... I think if someone wants to purchase liquor on a Sunday they should be able to have that option."

But there are others who say the doors should stay locked on Sundays. "We should be at church on Sundays. Party Stop Manager Mary Stallings, says, "What minimal sales we will have, probably in beer, will not be enough to cover our overhead and it will just spread our sales over seven days instead of six." The Distilled Spirits Council estimates Sunday sales would bring in somewhere between $93 and $115 million in new sales annually.

Texas Liquors owner Jeff Favor says, "I think we'll see more sales. And the increased tax revenue would be really good for the state." And that's exactly what San Antonio Representative Roland Gutierrez is hoping for... He says Texas would benefit from between $8 and $10 in tax revenue every year. If the law does pass, stores will be able to choose whether or not they open on Sundays. As of right now, it's still in the committee phase in the House.