National Guard Helping Stranded Drivers

The snow, wind and ice are a dangerous combination for drivers not just because of the risk of an accident, but of also being stranded in the frigid elements.

Snow banks gobble up motorist after motorist, keeping law enforcement and the National Guard busy around the clock.

In Amarillo proper, it is not that bad because the roads have been somewhat clear.  But that stops at the city limit signs.

Staff Sgt. Russell at the National Guard Armory in Amarillo says, "the last report I had gotten was from one of our units in Dalhart, there were like 22 stranded motorists."

Which is why National Guard troops are littered around the Panhandle.

DPS Trooper Gabriel Medrano says, "they are helping people out who may have gotten stranded or stuck in a ditch. They have 4 Hum-V's along I-40."

Sgt. Russell says, "our units are out right now in Borger, Groom, Dalhart and Vega and they're assisting whatever DPS needs, what the local authorities need."

The two-man vehicles were sent out last night and will stay out until the blizzard is over, which could be days.

Same with DPS, but Medrano warns getting to you if you are stranded could take a while because "we're driving in the same conditions that the public is and we have to drive very slowly and take precautions as we're going along."

While you wait for help, the National Guard can bring you food and water should you get stuck on those highways.

Of course, call 911 if you get stranded and you can also call 211.  That number will direct you to the nearest shelter.