Those Stranded Make the Most of It

Finding a room to stay the night is getting more difficult by the minute, as most local motels and hotels are expecting to reach capacity by nightfall.

As occupancy rates continued to climb this afternoon, NewsChannel 10 visited with hotel managers and their guests to see how they are making the most of these blizzard conditions.

Canceled flights, road closures, and icy conditions are forcing travelers from across the country to wait out the storm.

And because these white out conditions are making it too difficult for anyone to travel, one hotel manager is cooking a spaghetti dinner tonight for all her guests.

Manager of the Residence Inn by Marriott Jo Meagher says, "I'm fixin' to go into the kitchen and make up a pot of spaghetti so that our guests can have dinner and not have to worry about getting out or maybe just ordering a pizza."

Meagher says her guests are coming together as a community to make the most of their time together.

"I've got my staff here and we're kind of getting to know some of our guests. You know they're coming down and hanging out talking and visiting and everything. We've got guys over there who've got their game system set up on the big screen."

Just down I-40 the Stearn family says they are also finding ways to keep busy.

Tanya Stearn says,"We were actually driving up from Canyon Lake Texas back home to Colorado and we had seen on the weather reports the roads are closed and we're making the most of it. We get to connect with the family, they got up this morning and went swimming and they had a yummy free breakfast."

All managers I spoke with tell me they are keeping their room rates the same.