Area Roads To Avoid

We have compiled a list in talking with police, emergency management coordinators for the City of Amarillo, and TxDOT.

I-40 East at Paramount, because of that curve and the expected low visibility, police urge you to avoid it.

At the I-40 and 287 split, there are no wind blocks, so you could easily be blown off the icy road.

Same with the area on I-40 going over the tracks into downtown and on I-27 at the McCormick overpass, and any bridge or overpass for that matter.

I-40 and Whitaker will also be dangerous.

On 45th and Coulter, going south, because of that long stretch of road going slightly downhill, it will be hard to stop on the icy street.

The same situation will be at Western and Wolflin and at 16th and Georgia.

9th street in the hospital district will be dangerous, also because of ice in the hilly area.

And stay clear of Northeast 24th street.

When the wind blows 35 miles per hour or more for at least 24 hours, snow is consistently falling or blowing, and the visibility is limited to a quarter mile at most, forecasters call it a blizzard.

That is a recipe for dangerous roads.

The City of Amarillo's street department will go out at midnight Thursday and will stay until the storm passes to clear the roads.