1983 Cold Case Victim Now Has a Name

Lt. Gary Trupe, Potter-Randall Special Crimes
Lt. Gary Trupe, Potter-Randall Special Crimes

It's been 26 years, and today, Potter-Randall Special Crimes now knows the name of a teenager from Iowa, found murdered in Amarillo.

Bambi Lynn Dick was seventeen years old when she was found strangled to death along Highway 287, about 18 miles north of Amarillo, laying next to a drainage pipe. Police say even though they know her name, this case is far from closed. The biggest question still remains... Who murdered her? Lt. Gary Trupe says, "We don't have one iota of any kind of information at all on any kind of suspect. Nothing that was developed then or since then or anything." But Potter-Randall Special Crimes is not giving up... Even if that means making a trip to Bambi's hometown of Davenport, Iowa.

Trupe says, "If we go up and visit friends and family members, you know, that's 26 years ago, to try and see if they remember any specific details. Somebody remembers who she left with. Or if she left with an unknown person. What were they driving. Databases on license plates don't go back that far." Authorities know it will be tough. "We're 26 years behind." But they're are hoping to stumble upon something useful, even if by chance... Just the way that a California woman stumbled upon Bambi's information on the North American Missing Person's Network a few weeks ago... Leading authorities to make a positive ID on Thursday.

Bambi was reported as a runaway two days after her body was found in Amarillo, but Davenport authorities took her out of the system when she turned 18. That's why it took so long for her to be identified... There were no records for local authorities to compare her information to. Police do not believe Bambi's trip to Amarillo was a random one. They think she was here to visit someone in particular, but they are not releasing that person's identity until the investigation is further along.