Prepare Now. What You Need in a Blizzard

Local Red Cross crews are now assembling disaster aid in preparation for the blizzard.

This afternoon NewsChannel 10 met with the Red Cross to find out what you need to do in preparation for the snow and what resources are available when the storm hits.

The Amarillo Chapter of the American Red Cross has been in contact with emergency teams around the Panhandle region since last night.

They tell me the rest of the community should also start making preparations for the storm now.

Executive Director Vicky Richmond says, "You need to be prepared for anything and that could be a power outage, maybe your lights go out or your heat goes off. Stay at home. Don't get out if you do have to get out and you get stranded in your car stay in your car. It's very important you do that."

Volunteer Karen Ott says "If we're preparing to help people then people should be preparing to help themselves and their family."

Here is a look at what the Red Cross says you need to gather together tonight.

*A First Aid kit


*A flashlight with extra batteries

*Enough food and water for several days

*A battery powered TV or radio

*Warm clothing and blankets.

The Red Cross urges you to call 211 for the most immediate blizzard related assistance.

Richmond says, "The first place to go is going to be the Salvation Army which is on Harrison. And that's for people who are particularly stranded or in a bad way and then the Red Cross will be prepared to back them up with supplies and volunteers.

If the Salvation Army reaches capacity area churches have volunteered to open additional shelters.