Local Red Cross Prepares for Possible Blizzard

The Texas Panhandle Chapter of the American Red Cross is gearing up for an anticipated area snow storm. Martha Riddlespurger, Director of Disaster Services has notified the Chapter DAT's (Disaster Action Teams) to be prepared to assist as necessary.

Riddlespurger reports that, "The vehicles are stocked with blankets, water, snacks, etc. and we have notified area churches of possible shelters. We don't want to overreact, but we want to be prepared for stranded travelers, power outages or whatever this storm might bring. Hopefully, none of this will be an issue."

The Chapter has a cooperative agreement with the Salvation Army that in the event of stranded travelers, the Salvation Army will open its doors initially with the Red Cross adding supplies or volunteers as needed. If necessary, the Red Cross is prepared to open other shelters within the area.

Anyone who needs information about shelter locations should call 211 which is the designated call center for information in regard to disaster related information.