Big Changes On The Way For Panhandle Emergency Services

The emergency medical services your family receives in the panhandle may be changing.

Northwest Texas Hospital is handing the reins over to the Panhandle Regional Advisory Council because the RAC can serve a more expanded area.

Last week, regional EMS offices received a letter notifying them of the change, starting August 1.

Teri Cook, Executive Director of RAC, says "they feel like they may be better served under the RAC as a neutral entity, with all services and hospitals being a part of the RAC, and then we can all support."

The big changes are in communication and medical control.

In some areas, 9-1-1 calls will be taken by sheriff's offices, which could get an ambulance to your home quicker.

But paramedics in areas without a hospital will need to find a medical authority to give them permission to treat emergency victims.