Twitter Could Keep You Safe This Severe Weather Season

As storm season begins, new technology is taking hold for some emergency crews. And it's a way you can keep yourself safe, no matter where you are when a storm strikes.

Twitter, it's a social network site invented three years ago. But an idea that started with a simple question, "what are you doing?," is taking on a new role.

The Amarillo, Potter, Randall Office of Emergency Management is looking to help save lives through twitter this year.

"It is a tool where we can provide very short warning messages to cell phones, pagers, and other things via the Internet," said Kevin Starbuck, the Emergency Management Coordinator for the APROEM.

Twitter allows you to create a screen name and follow other people and focuses on short messages.

Those messages can then be viewed on the Internet or even your cell phone through a text message.

And the office of emergency management is hoping that kind of access will help people stay safe this severe weather season.

"The ultimate goal is for everyone to know what's going on and if something were to happen then they could get information," said Maribel Martinez, the Emergency Management Assistant Coordinator, and OEM tweep. "One tweet and say hey we're expecting thunderstorms for that day, or a chance for tornados and they can instantly receive that message."

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