As Severe Weather Season Approaches, Experts Urge You to be Ready

Storm season is on many people's minds as it draws closer.

Today many experts gathered to discuss severe weather, but more importantly, safety.

"It's storm season, starting now through April, May and June. We can be going about our business and all of the sudden we can be faced with a life or death situation," said NewsChannel 10's own Doppler Dave.

Severe weather can pop up in an instant, and that's why emergency personnel are stressing everyone to have action plans, and disaster kits ready this year. Before storms become dangerous.

"Be prepared, be thinking in advance, put those disaster plans together," said Jose Garcia, the Amarillo National Weather Service's Meteorologist in Charge.

"And know what kinds of materials to put into a disaster kit. Batteries, canned goods, water to sustain yourself for 72 hours after an emergency occurs," said Kevin Starbuck, the emergency management coordinator for the Amarillo/Potter/Randall Office of Emergency Management.

While those are things you can do to help yourself, the city of Amarillo along with Potter and Randall Counties have officially done everything they can to keep all citizens safe.

Today they were honored by the National Weather Service as being officially Storm Ready. So in the event of a disaster, the maximum amount of people can be kept safe.

"We have taken steps that based on criteria that were developed nationally. We meet all those criteria and we respond to severe weather if it impacts our community," said Starbuck.

Starbuck says the certification also helps the other 24 counties of the Panhandle, because in the event of a disaster, all necessary emergency crews will respond no matter where the storm strikes.

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