Amarillo is part of International Drug Trade

Billions of dollars worth of drugs are produced everyday around the world, and of that, millions of dollars worth come to or through Amarillo.

One undercover DEA Agent says, "Amarillo is an important transportation hub. A lot of it is not coming here, but it does come through here. Either straight through, continuing on, or to be broken up into smaller shipments."

An undercover narcotics agent for a local sheriff's department says the two most popular drugs in our area are marijuana, and methamphetamine, "Marijuana has been steadily coming into this area for years, and it continues to do so, but meth or ice is a continuing problem coming in from Mexico more and more, and coke also comes from Mexico."

The cocaine may enter from Mexico, but the drug is made in South America.  From there, it get's here, anyway possible.

The undercover DEA Agent says they use "Airplanes, boats, submarines, horseback,literally horseback, muleback. They get a lot of backpackers on the border. Literally people with backpacks full waiting to get across the border."

Some of those backpacks also contain heroin.  The drug begins in Afghanistan as opium, and becomes heroin in Thailand, before it's shipped to Mexico.

On the other side of the world,  ecstasy is usually made in Europe or Canada, but it also comes through the Panhandle, according of the undercover DEA Agent, "We just busted about 150 pounds of X just in the past 30-40 days coming through here. It wasn't coming to Amarillo, it was coming through here. Still, I mean, that's an insane amount of X tablets."

Whether those drugs pass through or stay, you end up paying for all of them according to the narcotics agent with the local sheriff's department, "Prices at Wal-Mart are going up because they have to increase security, prices of your insurance go up because of people ending up in the hospital, prices on all kinds of things are going up because these people can't keep a job, and they're sucking the life out of the community."

A community affected by a multi-billion dollar drug trade that comes to Amarillo from all over the world.