$30 Million School Proposed

Superintendent Rhonda Sidenworm
Superintendent Rhonda Sidenworm

A spike in student population is expected in the Clovis School District during the next few years and some say a new middle school needs to be built immediately to accommodate the growth.

Wednesday a public meeting was held to discuss the logistics of funding the estimated 30 million dollar project.

A new mission at Cannon Air Force Base is expected to bring up to 2,000 new students into the district.

An advisory board has been meeting for the last 5 month and they tell me the best way to handle the growth is by taking students out of elementary schools and putting them into middle schools.

Superintendent Rhonda Sidenworm says she would like to see six seventh and eighth grade students all attend middle school as opposed to just the current seventh and eighth grade students.

She says the reason for that is by moving every single student into a middle school, it would create more room in every elementary schools for growth.

The new school will not cost tax payers additional taxes. Instead the school would be funded 80% by the state of New Mexico and 30% by school bonds voted on by the community.

I think the solution that we've arrived at is the most cost effective and student effective for the present time.

The school board is taking public opinion into consideration and should reach a decision by April.

The next two meetings are:

Thursday March 19th at 6pm at the Yucca Middle School Library

Monday March 30th at 6pm at the Clovis High Lecture Hall