Is Your Home Safe?

They're cheap and they look just like the real thing... But some counterfeit items could be putting your family in danger.

We've all heard of counterfeit purses and watches, but now there's a new counterfeit market out there...and one that is potentially dangerous.... Electric appliances. Irons, hair dryers, extension cords... All being sold as safe for you to use... Or so you think. In reality, they pose a serious fire danger.

Captain Bob Johnson with the Amarillo Fire Department says, "You'll find them for much cheaper, like too good to be true type prices, and if that's the case then it is probably counterfeit." Too good to be true and too hot to work properly. "Cords without enough wiring can easily overheat and then they'll burst into flames." If you suspect your cord is a counterfeit, you can easily cut it open and see the amount of wiring inside.

More Ways to Tell if Your Appliance is a Knock-Off:

The "Feel Test": If your cord can bend very easily, you should unplug it immediately

Watch Out For:
No barcode
No brand name on the product
No warranty information
No address
No customer service contact number

You can most likely find these dangerous appliances at places like flea markets and online retailers. Be on the lookout for them at deep discount stores too. You're probably safe at most major chains like WalMart or Home Depot... They have their own standards and cannot sell knock-offs.