JBS Swift Parking Lot Vandalism

"First it was the glass, then it was my tires," said Maricela, an employee at JBS Swift meat packing plant in Cactus.

She says her car has been vandalized a total five times at the plant's parking lot. And adds that the company has yet to respond to her claims.

"It should come to no one's surprise that there are acts of vandalism and break ins of cars on a yearly basis," said Chandler Keys, JBS Spokesperson. "We don't find that we are experiencing any increase over historical rates of vandalism."

Rick Taylor files nearly 15 insurance claims every year from employees whose cars are vandalized at the plant's parking lot. He says many victims do not file claims because their insurance may not cover the damages.

"So not only does it hurt the insurance companies, it hurts the clients because they are turning in a claim they had nothing to do with, just because they parked their car out there," said Rick Taylor, Farmer's Insurance agent in Dumas.

We spoke to union workers at the plant who say they are actively working with JBS to install better cameras on the property.

"If somebody was stealing meat out of their processing plant, to catch them, wouldn't they put up cameras or beef up the security," Taylor said.

But until that happens, employees like Maricela say they are left to pick up the pieces of shattered glass.