Voter ID legislation clears major Senate hurdle

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - The GOP-led state Senate today passed a bill that would require Texans to produce a valid photo ID - or two alternatives - before being allowed to vote.

The measure was tentatively approved 19-12 -- along party lines -- after three hours of emotional debate.

A final vote is pending before the measure moves to the Texas House.

Republicans say the legislation is needed to combat voter fraud.

Democrats warn the bill would rob eligible citizens of the right to vote.

The plan would require voters to present a photo ID or, absent that, two alternatives that establish identity.

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Under the new legislation, a driver's license, passport or military ID are among the most common forms of photo ID that would allow citizens to vote.

Those who don't have a photo ID could produce two alternative documents - including bank statements, mail from a government entity, a marriage license, a voter registration certificate or cards used for obtaining government benefits.