New Dental Restoration Technology

Amarillo Dentist Dr. Eddy Sauer
Amarillo Dentist Dr. Eddy Sauer

If you've ever had a root canal you know extensive dental work is a long and expensive process.

But a new technology seeks to change that to save you both time and money.

Amarillo Dentist Dr. Eddy Sauer is using a CEREC AC to recreate the way he makes crown restorations.

Sauer says the CEREC system allows his patients to have their dental work completed in one appointment.

But not only is the system convenient for patients, but for the dentist as well.

The system allows dentists to design porcelain crowns for severely damaged teeth right on the computer screen.

It also comes with a mill which allows the dentist to bond the restoration to the damaged tooth in the same appointment.

This process takes less than ten minutes.

Sauer says, because of the same day service patients will have "less post operative sensitivity and less post operative pain" because "the tooth gets to start back right on its heeling process almost immediately."

This same day service can also save patients close to 200 dollars.

But there are drawbacks to the system.

Sauer says that because materials are not widely available he is not yet able to use the system to replace the tooth.

But he says that too may change.

Sauer says upgrades to the CEREC AC system are on the way; and the next horizon will include widely available materials allowing him to replace a missing tooth with a permanently cemented bridge.