Severed head found in 2006 identified

Kevin Thomas Walsh
Kevin Thomas Walsh

Since 2006 Amarillo crime scene investigators have been working to identity a man, whose head was found in a sanitation truck.

And now they have a name. Three years ago investigators spent countless hours combing through sanitation trucks, and the Amarillo landfill searching for any evidence they could find.

No body has ever been found, but today they have identified the head as belonging to Kevin Thomas Walsh.

Walsh was a transient, born in North Dakota, and had a history of petty crimes, and more importantly sleeping in dumpsters. Even though they now have a name... Amarillo Special Crimes Unit is not considering this case to be closed.

"It could be one of three things. He could have died of natural causes. He could have died due to the mechanisms of the sanitation truck. Or he could have been the victim of a murder. We don't know we don't have anything other than the head to show us what we have," says Lt. Gary Trupe, Potter-Randall Special Crimes.

The Amarillo police are sending out fliers with Walsh's picture to other area jails, local shelters and other businesses that provide assistance to the homless.

If you have any information that could help Special Crimes, you are urged to call them at 378-9468.