Hundreds Of Glenn Beck Supporters Gather To Stand Up To D.C.

Borders, banks and bailouts top the list of reasons why hundreds of local people are standing up to Washington while trying to encourage their fellow Americans.

Glenn Beck wants his supporters to know they are not alone in their conservative values, which is why thousands around the world, including hundreds here in Amarillo, gathered to watch his show Friday.

More than two hundred strong in Amarillo, they have a stern message for Washington: "we're fed up, you listen to us because you work for us, or we're gonna get rid of you," says Jan Rollins, a supporter.

And a hopeful one to other Americans: "there are a lot of conservatives that don't stand up for themselves so I hope this will bind us together and encourage one another," says Savanah Smith, another supporter.

The state of the economy, protecting our borders, and massive government spending have everyone here worried about the future of the country.

Joy Hutson says, "we believe in conservative values, in the constitution, and right now Washington doesn't care. Left, right, center, they're not paying attention."

Robert Allen says, "everyone expects, for something that messes up, to get bailed out. There's no consequences for decisions you make."

They hope making the decision to meet today will yield results from Washington that reflect their values.

The watch party at the bar where we were was so big that it overflowed to another nearby.  It was just one of many that took place around the globe Friday.