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Clovis man receives five years in prison

Clovis NM - A Clovis man has been sentenced to five years in prison for residential burglary and resisting an officer.

NewsChannel 10 - CBS Fall Season Preview

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Aumenta el Salario Mínimo Federal a $6.55

Oficiales laborales dicen que la mayoría de empleadores en Amarillo pagan más arriba del salario mínimo.

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KFDA: Cox / Cebridge

2006 KFDA Sports NFL Broadcast Schedule

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Cheers Summary

Basic Information on the show and the Lyrics to the Intro song.


Before 'Frasier' , there was 'Cheers' The character of Frasier Crane began life on the very successful US sitcom 'Cheers' , created by Glen Charles, Les Charles and James Burrows. Set in and around the

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Randall Co. Burn Ban Lifted

Officials in Randall County have lifted the ban on outdoor burning due to the moisture received in the past 48 hours.

HDTV and DTV Frequently asked Questions - FCC point of View

How will this affect you, What is HDTV and DTV, Why should you care? Regular TV as you know it will go away in 2009, read this to get the details of the new generation of Television