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Discount Prescription Drugs

You may be able to save money on your next prescription with the help of a free discount card.

The Catholic Diocese of Amarillo says they are promoting the program because there are a large number of people in the area who have trouble affording the prescription drugs they need.

Today I spoke with the Chief Financial Officer of the Diocese to find out how the process works. The only cost to the diocese is the cost of printing the discount cards.

The rest is taken care of by an agreement between a broker and the pharmaceutical companies.

 Phil Whitson says,"It basically ends up helping them with marketing. The pharmacy gets more volume, the broker gets marketing dollars back from the pharmacy for helping them market so it it's kind of a win, win situation for everyone. "

Today we spoke with a local pharmacist to find out how the card worked on common prescriptions. This is what we found.

You can save 50% on Vicodin, 13% on Xanax, 65% on Soma, and most birth control pills including Yasmin did not qualify for a discount.

Local pharmacist Cal Barakat says while the card does not cover everything it is worth giving it a try.

"For having something free I think it's a great tool to have," he says, "It doesn't matter what pharmacy you use. It will give you some benefit. "

To pick up a card call a local catholic church or call the Diocese at 383-2243.

For a list of pharmacies and sample prices visit the website below.


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