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Mandatory Drug Testing for High School Athletes

It could soon be mandatory for all Texas high school athletes to take random drug tests. 

Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst is working with senators on this proposal right now.

We wanted to know how local non-athletes feel about this issue as well as those participating in high school sports. 

 "I think it's a good thing because it keeps athletics from cheating and I know from taking science and nutrition classes that there's alot of stuff out there that can mess with people's bodies," says Beau Montano, local high school student.

  "I guess it would be a good thing, some people tend to abuse the system, go behind backs but reality is U.I.L. says it's illegal so if that's what it comes down to it would not be a bad thing," says Sydney Kleinschmidt, who is a high school athlete.

All the students we spoke with agree mandatory drug testing is needed, but the students who get testing brought up mixed feelings.

 "I think that it should be kept strictly to athletes for now and sort of use that as a field test to see how that would go and if it works that well then they should spread it on to other activities,"says Montano. 

 "I think they should test everyone not just the athletes, I know the athletes are the ones who would use them to play better, but people in school, just make everything safer," says Todd Phillips.

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