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Could Amarillo get a new aquatics center?

Charlotte Rhodes, Amarillo Area Foundation Charlotte Rhodes, Amarillo Area Foundation

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - An indoor aquatics center could soon be coming to Amarillo. An Amarillo aquatics center has been in the works now for quite some time, but recently planning efforts are getting kicked into high gear, and the Amarillo Area Foundation is in talks with the city to make their plan a reality.

It would be at least 60,000 square feet and have a price tag somewhere in the ball park of $15 to $20 million. After getting very positive feedback from several feasibility studies, the foundation says this center has the potential to make a big splash.

Charlotte Rhodes with the Amarillo Area Foundation says, "You're looking at a large 50 meter pool, a fun pool, you may be looking at some diving area too, and then you may be looking at something that can be used for psychical therapy. You probably would also want a smaller area, a smaller area for some dry space for warm up exercises and things like that."

Private funds won't be enough to make this happen, so the city will most likely jump on board too... Meaning it will go before the public in a bond election. There are several places being kicked around for possible locations.

They include Ellwood Park, the warehouse district downtown and the parking lot north of the Civic Center on 3rd Avenue.

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