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Inspection Sticker Fraud: What You Need to Know

General Manager Justin Payne, Kwik Kar General Manager Justin Payne, Kwik Kar

by: Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Your family's safety could be at risk, as inspection sticker fraud continues to become more frequent across Texas.

Crimes rings involving inspection stickers are being broken up all across the state... And while the crime rings haven't hit our area extremely hard yet, local folks are working hard to hopefully make sure it stays that way.

Kwik Kar in Amarillo inspects dozens of cars everyday... And the stickers they give out are kept under lock and key.

General Manager Justin Payne says, "We only keep one book of fifty at a time in our drawer and we keep the rest in a locked safe at all times."

It's all in an effort to make sure those stickers aren't stolen. DPS Trooper Gabriel Medrano said, "These people just want their cars on the road."

In most cases, it's not about saving the $14.50 it costs to get your car inspected... It's about saving money to fix cars that won't pass inspection.

Medrano says, "If a vehicle's brakes aren't good, it's exhaust, all that, it puts everybody at a danger out here on the roads."

People are doings things like stealing stickers, making fake ones or taking them off other cars. Another issue is that many inspection stations aren't doing any inspecting at all... They're just passing every car that comes through.

Medrano says, "We do have trooper investigators that do go undercover to these stations to see whether or not they're actually doing the inspection."

Regardless of measures being done by local law enforcement, the folks at Kwik Kar aren't taking any chances. "Every morning we check to make sure the number of inspection stickers we have on hand matches our inventory and that no inspection stickers are missing or unaccounted for."

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