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Will Acupuncture Therapy Work for You?

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  • Acupuncture Terms

    Acupuncture An ancient Chinese health practice that involves puncturing the skin with hair-thin needles at particular locations, called acupuncture points, on the patient's body. Acupuncture is believed

The use of acupuncture, like many other complementary and alternative treatments, has produced a good deal of anecdotal evidence. Much of this evidence comes from people who report their own successful use of the treatment. If a treatment appears to be safe and patients report recovery from their illness or condition after using it, others may decide to use the treatment. However, scientific research may not substantiate the anecdotal reports.

Lifestyle, age, physiology, and other factors combine to make every person different. A treatment that works for one person may not work for another who has the very same condition. You, as a health care consumer (especially if you have a preexisting medical condition); should discuss acupuncture with your doctor. Do not rely on a diagnosis of disease by an acupuncturist who does not have substantial conventional medical training. If you have received a diagnosis from a doctor and have had little or no success using conventional medicine, you may wish to ask your doctor whether acupuncture might help.

Health Index of Conditions Treatable by Acupuncture

Provided by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine/ National Institutes of Health

  • Approaching Acupuncture Treatment

    Use these tips as an introduction to your experience with acupuncture. These steps will ensure you're informed and prepared for your first acupuncture session.
  • The Sensation of Acupuncture

    Acupuncture needles are nothing like the thick, hollow hypodermic needles used in Western medicine. The sensations felt during an Acupuncture treatment vary greatly. Learn what an Acupuncture treatment feels like.
  • What Makes Those Needles Work?

    Traditional Chinese medicine theorizes that the more than 2,000 acupuncture points on the human body connect with 12 main and 8 secondary pathways, called meridians, which conduct energy, or qi, between the surface of the body and internal organs.
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