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  • Dig Safely -- Call Before You Dig

    Dig Safely -- Call Before You Dig

    Your safety is important. Dig safely by following these key steps:
  • Overhead Power Lines

    Overhead Power Lines

    Stay alert when working and playing outside. Always look up first to locate all overhead lines. Assume that all overhead wires are live and therefore dangerous.
  • Underground Lines

    Underground Lines

    In many communities, electricity and natural gas are delivered through systems buried underground. Knowing where to dig is critical when you are working in areas with underground lines.
  • Downed Power Lines

    Downed Power Lines

    Always assume a downed wire is energized and therefore dangerous. Touching a live line or anything near it - such as a fence, puddle, car, etc. - can cause electricity to be transmitted through your body until it reaches the ground. This usually results in serious injury and sometimes death.
  • Appliance Safety

    Appliance Safety

    We use electrical appliances to heat, cool, clean, and perform countless other chores around our homes and businesses every day. It's easy to take these time-saving tools for granted and forget to put safety first.  Here are some useful tips to help keep you and your appliances safe.
  • Winter Energy-Use Safety Tips

    Winter Energy-Use Safety Tips

    Use these tips to help you and your family stay safe and comfortable this winter.
  • How to Identify an Xcel Energy Worker

    How to Identify an Xcel Energy Worker

    Ask to see a company I.D. if someone on your property claims to be working for Xcel Energy, regardless of the work being performed. If the person cannot show you an I.D., ask him or her to leave and return only with proper identification. If you have questions about someone claiming to work for Xcel Energy, please call our Customer Contact Center at (800) 895-4999.
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