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  • Xcel Energy Safety Information

    Xcel Energy Safety Information

    Safety is a core value and a key priority at Xcel Energy, whether providing a safe work environment for our employees, sharing safety tips and precautions with our customers, or taking steps to protect the public. We are committed to sending our employees home without injury and informing customers and the public about how to act safely and responsibly around electricity.
  • Xcel Energy in the Community

    Xcel Energy in the Community

    At Xcel Energy, we serve the energy needs of the hundreds of cities and towns throughout our service territory, and we are integral members of those communities. We are literally connected to the communities we serve through active and ongoing investment in their infrastructures.
  • Xcel Energy and the Environment

    Xcel Energy and the Environment

    We strive to use resources wisely in our operations to lessen the impact of our operations. In addition to using resources wisely, we take extensive measures to protect natural resources by responsibly managing the waste generated from our operations, and by recycling and re-using materials whenever possible.
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