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Company Biography:

Anthony Heras, owner and founder, brought the idea Fish Pro’s Aquarium Center with him from the west coast in 2001. Heras also is the owner of another aquarium retail business established around the late eighties in Sonoma County California when he was merely twenty-one years old. Today, Fish Pros has been up and running successfully for the past seven years, being one of the largest independently owned aquarium stores in the state of Texas.
Fish Pros has a knowledgeable staff ranging from a marine biologist to a college professor with over twenty years of experience, to Heras’ own family. The employees are experienced in different specialties from pond, tank and reptile care to equipment repair. Questions or concerns will be well resolved in the hands of our professionals.
Filling thousands of square feet is the largest variety of fish, reptiles, amphibians, and aquatic plants in the entire Texas Panhandle. You can take a walk across the Koi Bridge to the enormous fish room which houses hundreds of species of fresh and saltwater fish. Our livestock comes from as far as California, Australia, Africa, the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. When it comes to our reptile selection, it’s a living jungle of geckos, tree frogs, pythons, skinks, tarantulas, and boa constrictors . You can also check out the store pets. Fish Pros has the longest lizard species’ (New Guinea’s Crocodile Monitor) and the heaviest snake (the Anaconda) in the world. Also up for a visit is Lucy the fifty-five pound thirteen foot albino Burmese python. Big Mac and Jack are the Amazon red tail catfish. They are the largest tank fish kept in the Texas Panhandle, and favorites of the customers.
Any equipment, bits and parts, wheels, lids, chemicals, pond supplies, or refills are available in every shape and size. Inventory includes food of all types for fish and reptiles too. If there is an item the store doesn’t carry, it can be ordered and shipped within a few weeks.

  • Fresh & Saltwater Fish
  • Pond Fish & Plants
  • Pond Supplies
  • Reptiles
  • Reptile Supplies
  • Aquariums & Cages
  • Rare Oddball Specimens
  • Custom Aquariums & Stands
  • Expert Advice

Fish Pros is open 7 days a week.

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