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5th Suspect Indicted for Murder of Clovis Boy

David Griego David Griego

A Curry County grand jury has indicted a man on charges of accessory to murder. 

30 year old David Griego was indicted on the charge in connection with the September 2005 shooting of 10-year old Carlos Perez. 

Police say Perez was sleeping in a room with his brother when several shots were fired into the room striking the child in the head.  Police say the intended target of the shooting was the victims brother.

A dispute between the brother Ruben and Orlando Salas at school led to the shooting, with Ruben being the intended target.

16-year-old Orlando Salas was sentenced in May after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit first degree murder and several other charges. He will spend 5 years in prison for his role in the shooting.  

His older brothers Edward Salas, 21 and Demetrio Salas, 20 have been held in custody since September on charges of first-degree murder for the shooting.

Noe Torres, 27, was indicted for first-degree murder in October along with three Clovis brothers - he remains at large.

The Curry County District Attorneys says they have sufficient evidence to link Griego to the shooting.

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