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Operation Keep Cannon: Mission Accomplished

Finding Cannon a new mission to keep its doors open was not an easy path...but they were able to find one.

It's been more than a year since Cannon heard they could be closed.
The news came on May 13th when the Pentagon released the BRAC list with Cannon Air Force Base on it. Three days later, Operation Keep Cannon was formed.

Supporters of Cannon wrote letters to BRAC commissioners as part of the campaign. Governor Richardson also set aside $300,000 dollars for lobbying.  A month later on June 23rd, the BRAC commission took a tour of Cannon Air Force Base.

In late August, they decided to turn the base into an enclave. But on September 29th, a bill was developed to prohibit the Pentagon from removing any Cannon assets until a new mission was found for the base.

The base remained opened as others on the BRAC list began closing in October.
In November, an eight member Air Force mission team toured Cannon to look for a possible mission.

Months later, still no word about a new mission.  Finally---today, a new mission was announced keeping Cannon open.