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New Information in Pampa Quadruple Homicide: Extended Web Coverage

Brian Conrad Brian Conrad
Michell Conrad Michell Conrad
Zach Doan Zach Doan

New information today in the quadruple murder that devastated Pampa.

Texas Rangers say a preliminary ballistics match has been made between the suspect, Levi King and the Gray County homicides.

23 year old King was arrested in October for the murder of a Missouri couple.

That's when Gray County investigators made the connection with their case.

It was late September of this year when a ten year old girl called 9-1-1 from a rural Gray County farmhouse, saying her family had been shot.

Police found the bodies of 31 year old Brian Conrad, 35 year old Michelle Conrad who was pregnant at the time and her 14 year old son Zach Doan.

No charges will be filed against King for the murders in Gray County until the official written ballistics report has been received.

Police made the connection between the two cases after a name tag belonging to one of the Conrad's was found in a truck King was driving. The bodies of Orlie and Dawn McCool were found by a relative in the couple’s rural Pineville, Mo., home on Sept. 30, the same day that Gray County officials found the Conrad family slain in their home south of Pampa. 

King was charged with two counts of first-degree murder after he was caught the evening of Sept. 30 trying to re-enter the United States at the Mexican border in El Paso, Texas.

He was driving Orlie McCool’s pickup truck.

   “During the course of our investigation, we learned about a triple homicide in Texas,” McDonald County Chief Deputy Gregg Sweeten said. “The information we gathered so far links Levi King to those killings.”

King has not said why he tried to return to the United States, authorities said. “We’re guessing that he was out of money, couldn’t speak the language and simply couldn’t handle it in Mexico, so he headed home,” Sweeten said.

 Authorities believe the McCools were killed on the afternoon of Sept. 29. Investigators then believe King traveled Interstate 40 on his way to the Mexican border. The Conrad home is about 10 miles north of the interstate.

There was no immediate connection apparent between the two murder scenes, which are about 375 miles apart.

King was released in July from prison to a halfway house in St. Louis, Sweeten said. He had served 17 months of a 14-year sentence for second-degree arson and burglary in 2003. King left the halfway house on Sept. 23, saying he was going to work, Sweeten said. He never came back and no one at the halfway house called to notify authorities in King’s hometown that he was in violation of his parole, he said

“They should have called,” Sweeten said. “That could have saved all these people.”

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