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Dangerous Game Being Played At Local Schools

Parents are being alerted about a dangerous game students are playing in local schools. Newschannel 10's Stephanae Benson spoke with a parent who son was a victim of this game and warns other parents to talk to their kids and look out for signs of violence like unusual bruising on their body. 

It's a dangerous game being played at local schools and it could harm your child.

"They tell me there's a ten second fight game where you do as much as you can within ten seconds to the other kid."  said concerned parent Tamara Brock whose son was a victim of this violent horseplay. 

"I got a phone call to go to the school and when I got here his mouth was busted open, it was butterflied shut and I had to take him to get stitches."

After receiving 8 stitches, Brock was told a fight started in the cafeteria, that ended in the boys bathroom at Canyon Intermediate. We're told its a popular place to keep fights out of the view of teachers and staff. Now that the school is aware, they say they are taking actions to stop the dangerous game. 

"We're gonna monitor the halls, we're gonna monitor the restrooms, we also have cameras positioned that see the restrooms, we have a camera pointed towards the restroom, not in the restrooms, so we'll know who goes in and out." That's according to Alan Cornelius, a Student Services at Canyon Independent School District.

Both boys involved in the fight received in school suspension, but Brock says the police should have been involved because bodily harm was done to her son, but Cornelius says Texas law says something else.

"The penal code describes an assault as knowingly or recklessly or intentionally involving a student in a fight and we have to determine if they were knowingly or recklessly involved in the fight."
Cornelius adds anyone who comes forward with information about a fight will remain anonymous and protected. Brock says she grounded her son for a month with no TV or music and wants to alert other parents about the violence they're kids could be facing at school.

"We need to stop this, they have the right to an education and they have the right to be safe at school."

Brock has two sons at Canyon Intermediate and says her sons are not allowed to go into the bathrooms anymore, she has asked permission that they only go in the nurses restroom. 

"When I was in sixth grade i took part in bullying  a girl and I pray every day that her life turned out okay because she ended up leaving the school."

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