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Jacob Albracht

Jacob is a Panhandle product, growing up in Bushland and attending West Texas A&M University.

He makes the transition into the Sports Director position, with the goal of making local sports coverage matter to the people of this area.

Along with his television duties at NewsChannel 10, Jacob hosts a sports talk radio show on Saturday afternoons from 12-2 PM on KGNC 710 AM. He also has experience as a play by play announcer for West Texas A&M football, basketball, baseball, volleyball, and soccer.

Before joining the sports department at NewsChannel 10, Jacob spent a year in the news department under various roles. He got his start on the Early Show, working as a daily assignments reporter, before moving to KZBZ to anchor and report. But, sports has always been Jacob's dream; when a position opened in the sports department, he made the transition.

Jacob has a degree in Mass Communications/Broadcasting. He hopes to bring his knowledge and love of area sports to the table everyday for NewsChannel 10 Sports.

If you have any story ideas, feel free to email Jacob at jalbracht@newschannel10.com