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July 24, 1969

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez's artistic and personal achievements -- as an actress, singer and general big shot -- have finally managed to overshadow her much-discussed and much-admired derriere. The shapely Lopez and her whispery sex-kitten voice stole scenes from Sean Penn and Nick Nolte in U Turn and created some truly intense screen chemistry with George Clooney in Out of Sight. In 1999, she released her first album, On the 6, and watched it go five times platinum. Then in 2000, Lopez enjoyed her first big-time blockbuster with The Cell, a surrealistic psychological thriller for which she was paid $4 million, topping her own record as the highest-paid Hispanic actress ever. And she topped herself again by pulling in $9 million each for her roles in The Wedding Planner (opposite Matthew McConaughey) and Angel Eyes! She sizzles on screen, and her tempestuous personal life has created tons of fodder for the tabloids. And while some of her films have earned reputations for being less than stellar, she's still inarguably hot -- she even worked with Jane Fonda in Monster-in-Law, the screen legend's first film after a 15-year hiatus. This onetime In Living Color Fly Girl has quite a shining future ahead. Let's see what the stars have to say about it!

Birth Details:
July 24, 1969
The Bronx, New York

Lopez was born with her Sun in Leo, a fire sign intent on action and gaining acclaim -- indeed, she burst on the scene with the Lion's vigor. Full of Leo's gregariousness, Lopez easily forms a connection with her audience that's intimate and full of pride. As the highest-paid Latina actress ever, and as someone who calls her own shots and makes her own demands, she's become a role model for legions of young women.

Leo's vibrant energy also shows up in the placement of Lopez's Mercury, driving this sexy star to succeed all the more. The planet of communication and self-expression in this fire sign indicates an individual gifted with a fertile but focused mind and a knack for expressing ideas in the most dramatic ways possible. One thing to watch for with this placement is a sort of intellectual superiority. Not knowing when to take the advice of others over her own self-assured opinions -- a quality that comes from the fixed nature of this sign -- could put up obstacles in Lopez's path to realizing some of her dreams.

When Mars, the planet of ambition and passion, finds itself in Sagittarius, you've got an individual with an enthusiastic drive for knowledge rooted deeply in her ego. The main goal of Sagittarian energy is to pursue freedom and understand life's big picture. Mars in Sagittarius often leads to a life full of travel and new, foreign experiences -- indeed, Lopez's ambitions and passions have turned her into a globe-trotting superstar! The Archer's fondness for good-natured fun and his emphasis on inspiration come through again and again in the variety of rousing and engaging characters Lopez portrays so well.

Lopez also benefits from Mars sextile Uranus in her chart. This aspect urges her always to strive for more, even just as one goal has been attained. Right on the heels of her big success in Out of Sight, she released her first album, promoting it and touring just like any other hardworking performer. Mars also makes a square (a hard aspect that causes unease in a chart) to Jupiter, the planet of philosophy and good fortune. Jupiter increases that which it touches, so here's yet another indicator of an ambitious entrepreneur and tireless worker. Lucky for Lopez, she's got the inspirational energy of Mars trine Neptune in her chart. A trine is a soft aspect that lends a certain ease to affairs, opening the flow of energy between the planets involved in the aspect -- in this case Mars and Neptune, the planets of action and ideals. She's a person who works to make her dreams come true.

Lopez's chart also features a sextile between her Leo Sun and Jupiter, making her appropriately proud and confident. A sextile is a harmonious aspect that allows this multitalented star to enjoy the luck and popularity Jupiter has brought her. Reaping the rewards of this aspect requires some work on her part, though, and no one can say that Lopez hasn't earned her success -- all the way from Fly Girl to superstar!

Indeed, Jennifer Lopez's is not an overnight success story. Some of her perseverance and tenacity can be traced to Saturn's position in Taurus in her chart. Saturn, the planet of karmic lessons, in this placement makes for a patient and persistent person willing to work hard, dig in and really fight for what she wants. Serious and single-minded, those with Saturn in Taurus can sometimes get so wrapped up in moving forward toward achievement and security that they fail to reach out in love. Venus in Gemini doesn't help Lopez out much either. Potentially quite fickle, Gemini's energy can leave its possessor easily bored in relationships and in constant need of stimulation and new input. Will Marc Anthony finally quell this air sign's effect on his wife?

Wherever her personal life takes her, Lopez shows no signs of slowing down -- she's still got goals to reach, hit songs to perform, blockbuster movies to make and precedents to set.

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