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Unprecedented Newspaper Endorsements

John Kanelis, Amarillo Globe News John Kanelis, Amarillo Globe News

Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Early voting kicks off Monday all across Texas.

The local endorsement of one certain candidate on the ballot is attracting attention.

The man in the endorsement spotlight is Bill White... The Democrat running against Rick Perry for governor. With the exception of one, all newspaper editorial boards in the state, including the Amarillo Globe News, are throwing their support behind white.

Backing a Democrat is an unusual move for the Globe, and something they've only done a handful of times in the past few decades... And they're confident they made the right move this year as well.

John Kanelis with the Amarillo Globe News says, "whether they vote how we recommend, it's not our decision to make. They make it and we accept that and that's fine but it's just something that we do to provide a voice and to try to lead and provide some perspective on these issues."

We spoke with the Potter County Republican Party chairman who tells us he's not worried... He feels Perry's track record and conservative policies are strong enough to overcome the unprecedented state-wide newspaper support.

Right now, Perry leads white by nearly 10% points.

Early voting polls will open again tomorrow and will run through October 29th.

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