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Area Dogs Are Loose And Known To Kill

Don Robinson Don Robinson

Maxine Ridling
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - A warning to all area residents today from Animal Control, a pack of dogs is on the loose and have been known to kill. Last Tuesday, Animal Control was dispatched to the 4000 Block of Morning Drive in North Amarillo when an area resident saw 2 dogs attack a pony and several goats.

Robinson immediately called Animal Control however the dogs ran off before they could be caught. Most recently, authorities responded to that same location this weekend on another report of a dog attack. When officials arrived they found 1 pony and 8 goats dead.

"I was sitting in my garden picking black eye peas, when I heard a pony screaming from across my yard," Neighbor Don Robinson said, "I saw other dogs attacking him and I started screaming and running towards him until they ran off."

Animal Control has been patrolling that area and has yet to find any sign of the dogs or the owners. Reports show the dogs look like Rottweiler mix and Pit Bull mix.

If you know any information about this case please call Animal Control immediately, 806-378-3092.


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