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Breaking years of silence, victims family speaks out

By Ben Briscoe
NewsChannel 10

PAMPA, TEXAS -  Lisa Busby is the only one in her family to survive the murders. Her mother, and two brothers were beaten and stabbed to death while she was staying at her aunt and uncles' place -- keeping away from home because she was scared her mom's boyfriend might turn violent after drinking that night at a New Year's Eve party.

"I didn't believe it. I just broke out in tears," Busby said.

But Lisa has an even harder time believing that 16 years after the crime, the convicted killer Hank Skinner still hasn't been executed.

"We're suffering. We have no closure. We have no peace because he's still alive," she said.

Almost two weeks ago, a U.S. Supreme Court Justice issued a stay of execution on the idea there might be some more DNA evidence to be tested. But as of yet, the court has not set a date to hear the case - meaning the DNA testing is still in limbo.

"If you had a sticker in your finger, it's there all the time. The pain is there, and of course it's more than that," Busby's uncle Dave Brito said.

So now, they're asking the Grey County District Attorney to just go ahead and do it. They say an Arizona lab will run the tests for free.

"He needs to die. I mean test the DNA and get it over with," Busby said. "Kill him. That way we have something of peace and closure."

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