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Petition circulating around Tech against hiring of Gonzales

LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) Dozens of Texas Tech faculty members are unhappy with the recent hiring of former U.S.  Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. As of right now 45 Texas Tech faculty members have signed a petition objecting to Gonzalez. In the petition it states his hiring is objectionable because the Chancellor should not be involved in the hiring of faculty. It also states the hiring is against the University's statement of ethical principles.

Walter Schaller, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Tech is one of those who signed the petition. "What most people think of when they think of Gonzales is his testimony before congress when he said I think something like 71 times in one appearance "I can't remember" or "I can't recall" so I don't think he has been a paragon of upright ethical behavior in his service as attorney general and council to the president," says Professor Schaller.

Gonzales will begin teaching in the political science department next month.

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