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Alternative Medicine

  • The Demand for Alternative Treatments

    The Changing Face of Medicine

    When faced with vague complaints, the new health practitioner will not simply ask about symptoms and order expensive tests. The most crucial questions to ask might be: Are you feeling stressed? What have you been eating? How much coffee are you drinking? How are things at home and at work?
  • Find Out Here

    What Is Complementary and Alternative Medicine?

    Complementary and alternative medicine covers a broad range of healing philosophies, approaches, and therapies. Read inside for a quick look at how different treatments and therapies are used.
  • What Should I Know?

    Approaching Acupuncture Treatment

    Use this helpful checklist as an introduction to your experience with acupuncture. These steps will ensure you're informed and prepared for your first acupuncture session.
  • Where It Came From and Where It's Going

    The Alternative Medicine "Boom"

    There's been a sudden shift in the way many physicians and patients view what has come to be known as "alternative medicine." Suddenly, physicians who were reluctant to recommend more than a weak multi-vitamin are now advising patients to get acupuncture or take certain homeopathic remedies.