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  • Prescription for Health?

    The Safety of Online Drugstores

    With hundreds of drug-dispensing sites on the web, how can you tell which ones are legitimate, especially since it's so easy to set up legitimate-looking sites promising deep discounts or no hassles. If you buy medical products online, be aware of these dangers.
  • Tip-Offs to Rip-Offs

    How To Spot Health Fraud

    You've probably heard it all before: Fast! Easy! Guaranteed results!  But how can you really know what products are safe for you and your family?  Read inside for ways to spot "quick fixes" and other so-called promises.
  • Don't Forget!

    Tips for Taking Your Medicine

    Did you know? 1-Never store medicine in the bathroom. Unless instructed otherwise, keep it away from heat, light and moisture. 2-Ask before crushing or splitting tablets; some should be swallowed whole. Find more helpful hints inside here.
  • Help When You Need It

    Pharmacists May Help Solve Medication Mysteries

    When a diabetic patient called to renew a prescription, the pharmacist noticed something amiss. But quick thinking and a call to the patient's doctor saved the day: thanks to the pharmacist, the patient is now doing fine.
  • Just the Facts

    What's the Meaning of 'Rx'?

    Where does the "Rx" for "prescription" come from? Its origins are given as an abbreviation of the Latin word "recipe," meaning "take," or as a representation of the astrological sign of Jupiter. See other interesting pharmacy facts inside here.