Xcel Energy completes west Amarillo upgrade

Xcel Energy completes west Amarillo upgrade

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Xcel Energy has completed a major upgrade in west Amarillo, adding capacity to its substation at Coulter and I-40.

In late December, Xcel Energy completed a $7.6 million upgrade to its Soncy Substation and the lines that take power from it, allowing the company to deliver more electricity to the area.

Specifically, the grid improvement project will improve services to the regional medical center and major retailing district, meaning more electricity can flow to this area without overloading the system.

The upgrade will also give Xcel Energy more options to quickly reroute power supplies to restore customers in less time in the event of an outage.

“Improving substations and power lines in Amarillo is vital to the city’s economic growth,” said President of Xcel Energy David Hudson. “The Soncy project is one of many initiatives we’ve undertaken to update our system and prepare it for the growth we know is coming.”

As part of the improvement, a new 115-kilovolt line was built to provide the power source for the Soncy Substation, which will improve the station’s capacity to deliver more electricity to lower-voltage distribution lines that radiate from the facility.

In addition to this upgrade, Xcel Energy is planning and working on other improvement projects around Amarillo and Canyon over the next five years. These projects include an expansion of the Hillside substation, voltage conversions in northeast Amarillo and a new substation and feeder lines in the Preston West development.

The investments are part of Xcel Energy’s initiative "Our Energy Future', which aims to strengthen and modernize electricity generating and delivery systems.

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