Xcel Energy warns of disconnect scams

Xcel Energy warns of disconnect scams

AMARILLO, TX (News Release) - Xcel Energy has received calls from customers reporting attempted scams in Texas.

The details vary, but in almost all attempts, the scammer is impersonating an Xcel Energy agent and is telling customers that a serviceman is on his way to disconnect their electrical service for nonpayment. The scammer demands payment over the phone in order to prevent the disconnection, and almost always demands payment with a prepaid debit card.

Xcel Energy is reminding customers that they will receive a printed disconnect notice in the mail if they are behind on their bills, and that we have multiple options for making payment. If customers receive calls demanding payment under threat of imminent loss of service, they should hang up and contact Xcel Energy to verify account status. Residential customers should call 1-800-895-4999. Business customers should call 1-800-481-4700.

Xcel Energy also offers a free customer app that allows customers to check their account balances and make secure payments. The app also includes information on past usage and ways to track power outages. It is available through Apple Store and Google Play.

News release courtesy Xcel Energy - used with permission