Amarillo homes have mild damage due to earthquake

4.0 Magnitude earthquake created cracks in homes

Amarillo homes have mild damage due to earthquake - clipped version

AMARILLO, TX (KFDA) - Today, Amarillo homeowners are asking “What do I do now?” after Saturday’s earthquake damage. The 4.0 magnitude earthquake created cracks into the foundation of some houses.

Around 8:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, many Amarillo resident felt the earthquake centered nine miles northeast of the city.

Although earthquakes happen every few years near Amarillo, many residents are unaware of earthquake insurance.

“First and foremost making sure that you’re okay. Your family is okay. Well handle all the belongings and your home separately. A few claims turned in. For the minor damage, theirs a couple minor cracks but mostly just awareness. That what they were calling, hey do I have coverage for this? Let’s sit down together and discuss it," said Jason Chafe, Owner of Jason Chafe State Farm Insurance.

Residents are claiming the cracks in the walls of their home and are worried another earthquake could make it worse.

Earthquake insurance is actually really inexpensive rider that we can carry on a policy.

“It can range on coverage’s and deductibles as well. In a place like Amarillo we don’t have a whole lot of customers that have earthquake insurance but as we just pulled a few of my customers up they range from 7 to about 20 dollars a month depending on the coverage,” said Chafe.

If you felt the earthquake report it here.

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